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Stunning patterns created by artist Mikhail Sadovnikov 





Dear White People Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Comedy HD



All I want in life is for someone to sit on the front porch with me and watch thunderstorms.


Funky fungi! My head is still a bit achy but I’m feeling a lot better than yesterday. Effing 2-day migraines. The arched earthstar really is a fungus and not a Pokémon wearing a tuxedo. I just messed up the colors a little bit and the original reference photo was a bit WTF to begin with but it looked funky so I wanted to draw it. Source: Smithsonian Natural History

Materials: Pencil, Pigma Microns, Polychromos
Paper: Finnish 140gsm watercolor paper with a velvety surface

Title: My Tears Are Becoming a Sea
Artist: M83
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this song makes me feel like something extraordinary is about to happen.

“She warned us against becoming a movement only for white middle class people, this was 41 years ago, and today, so much of the ways in which LGBT equality has played out has been about white middle class people.”

Laverne Cox talking about Sylvia Rivera


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The weird and wonderful world of sea worms

by Margaret Badore

We don’t typically think of worms as creatures of great beauty, but a series of photographs by zoologist Alexander Semenov may make you see their allure.

Semenov is known for his photography of sea life, which he studies at the White Sea Biological Station in Northern Russia. Colossal reports that the recent series of worm photos were taken either at his home facility or at the Lizard Island Research Station in Australia…

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photos by Alexander Semenov


Le Plat Pays


i woke up like dis


Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey (2014)